Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Dan catches Colorado's fattest fish

Trolling for walleye at Boyd Lake a few weeks ago, Dan Barker felt a tug and then hauled in the butterball white bass below, a whopping 19 3/4 inches.My math may be faulty, but I think that's 116.2 percent of the Colorado Master Angler criteria for white bass.  Too bad he didn't have a scale, as this is one obese fish. The catch should put him at the top of the heap in competition for this year's Angler of the Year award.

Saturday, October 12, 2019

If you can't afford a new 20' Lund and don't want to paddle or use fins try one of these to get across the lake in a hurry


UPDATED Walleye Fishing at Jumbo Reservoir (Julesburg, CO) Oct 16-17


We recently discovered (Thanks to that Jumbo Reservoir is closed on Wednesdays as a result of no ANS inspections those days.

I called the CPW District office in Brush and was referred to CPW in Denver. This was news to them and they are checking this out and will update the CPW website. Then I started call the Visitors centers at the lakes.
I talked with the ANS inspector at North Sterling and she told me North Sterling Reservoir is open all week. Although the visitors center is closed on Wednesday and Thursday a ranger is on duty and can do the ANS inspection for us. The other opportunity is to get your boat inspected at Boyd, or another lake, and leave the GREEN tag on the boat and have the associated WHITE paperwork with you.

Norm and I talked about this and our plan is to fish North Sterling Reservoir on Wednesday and then drive to Sedgewick and stay at the Antique Inn (Lupe's place) and fish Jumbo on Thursday. 

So far we have Merle, Rick Palmieri, Rick Golz, Norm Engelbrecht, Dave Boyle, and Steve Cadle. Dan and Kathleen said they may come to Jumbo on Thursday and include that as a destination on their 4 day fishing trip they are doing. Everyone is welcome and lets hope we have good weather that won't force us to cancel the trip.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Beautiful day at the Delaneys

South Park’s legendary winds held off enough for Wayne Baranczyk to scoot around all day in his float tube, and a handsome mix of rainbows, cut bows and greenbacks fought their way to the net. The forecast for Thursday at Walden is snow and minus 3 degrees, but Tuesday was terrific.

How about this 19-inch cutbow? This space was reserved
for a shot of Pat Weller and one of his fish, but, uh,
he dropped his phone in the lake.

Friday, October 4, 2019

Walleye Fishing at Jumbo Reservoir (Julesburg, CO) Oct 16-17

Merle Boden and Rick Palmieri are going to Jumbo Reservoir Oct 16-17 to see if we can catch some Fall Walleye. Norm Englebrecht says he's planning on going too. Sure would be nice to have a few others join us and see if we can't catch some nice fish to bring home.
Water temps are finally dropping with the cool nights and fish might be on the move because of that. This Spring fishermen were catching their limits from shore and they were just as nice as the ones we caught from the boats. Min size for Walleye is 15" and Min size for Crappie is 10". 5 Walleye possession limit.

General Information: Jumbo Reservoir is a 1,578 acre water (at full capacity) located on the Jumbo State Wildlife Area. Anglers can expect excellent fishing for walleye and crappie, and quality fishing for channel catfish, smallmouth bass, and bluegill. Fishing pressure is moderate. Location: Logan and Sedgwick Counties. From I-76 take Exit 155 and head 3 miles north to Hwy 138. Take Hwy 138 1 mile northeast to CR 95. Take CR 95 2 miles north to the reservoir.

Map to Julesburg, CO. 

Friday, September 27, 2019

Really nice writeup on the Senior Derby by Fish Explorer

Matt Snider, the executive editor of Fish Explorer, joined us at Wednesday's derby and posted the following writeup on the website.

LFC Senior Fishing Derby

Blog by: Matt Snider 9/26/2019
When the time comes I am no longer able to physically or mentally get out and go fishing on my own, the only thing I ask is that you come take me fishing now and again. Since my earliest memories, I have spent nearly every day wanting to be fishing.  I can't imagine that'll ever go away.

Which brings me to this. Yesterday was the Loveland Fishing Club's 11th Annual Senior Fishing Derby, which Bill Prater wrote about in August.  I had a moment to visit with Bill at the event held at Flatiron Reservoir, and I wanted to share some photos with you all.

So much kudos goes out to the LFC for putting this event on.  62 men and women from about 8 senior living centers from various locations (mostly around Loveland) took shuttles with helpful staff members to spend the morning fishing for trout.  Numerous LFC members and other volunteers busily attended to the anglers stationed up and down the lake.  The fishing pier was dedicated to those unable to navigate the shoreline safely.

Numerous fishing rods were rigged up ready to go. There was the worm crew assorting bite-size bait into small canisters for each participant, and there was the front line crew casting rigs out and landing fish.  There was a fish cleaning crew that took care of preparing meat for the anglers who wanted it, and there were a whole lot of others preparing lunch and tending to snacks and drinks. Food was served and awards and prizes handed out (including Oldest Man/Oldest Woman.)

Fish were caught while hoots and hollers soared up and down the shore.

Bill wrote about the derby in detail, I just wanted to express my gratitude and share a little of this experience.  I know running an event of this sort is difficult, takes a lot of preparation, and there are a lot of moving parts.  I would love to see more of this happening around the state.  I know there are many similar events that occur but don't get much attention.  Consider FishExplorer a place to share them.  Shoot me information any time you have an event like this, submit it to our calendar ahead of time, or consider sending photos and a write-up as a guest blog.

I know there were plenty of folks there that were grateful to be out fishing.  Thank you LFC for this event and all else you do.
Rods rigged, ready to go - and these were just the backupsBeautiful day at the Larimer County ParksDotting the shoreline, hauling in fish
Bill to the rescue - freeing up snags from muddy shorelinesWheelchairs on the pier, walkers and chairs on the shoreWorm crew kept busy all morning
Medals you won`t see at many other fishing events.
Blog content © Matt Snider
Blog Comments
bgflys, CO   9/26/2019 7:30:51 AM
This is outstanding and much needed! Did they have the lake stocked prior? I would like to do something like this in Colorado Springs. Well done!!
Matt Snider (Matt), CO   9/26/2019 11:51:13 AM
I got word that the lake was stocked prior. I am not sure how much or whether or not it was due to this event. Let's chat if you think this is something you'd like to take on down in CO Springs. I can help facilitate if nothing else, I am sure Bill and the others could offer some framework.
bgflys, CO   9/26/2019 7:49:44 PM
I would be interested. How much time in advance did you plan? I'm thinking around spring of '20 due to my schedule and hunting. Wondered how it was promoted and participation? Looked like there were quite a few participants. I'm not sure what lake but first thought is Quail lake due to accessibility. I also wondered about fishing licenses and if I recall there is now a charge for the senior lifetime license. I would be willing to help with that cost depending on participation. What did they use for transportation? Their own vehicles? Assistance? Handicap access? EMT on site? Sorry just a few brainstorming questions...
bgflys, CO   9/26/2019 8:00:04 PM
Ok - I read Bill Prater's blog and got a ton more info. I will start checking for sponsors and do some more research. I'm not sure how much participation I would get but it seems that it could grow fast. I want it manageable also. Thanks for the reply and I will reach out to get advice in the future

Boat inspection schedule at Jumbo

The following news release about reducing hours for inspection is from Colorado Parks and Wildlife. Note the boat ramp will be closed on Wednesdays.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife thanks boaters as boating season winds down at Jumbo Reservoir

Thus far during the 2019 season, watercraft inspectors at Jumbo Reservoir have inspected just shy of 9,000 boats for the presence of aquatic nuisance species and 165 were decontaminated prior to launch.

“Reservoir usage has increased annually and with this increased usage comes an increased risk of introduction,” said Robert Walters, CPW Invasive Species Specialist.

With increased usage comes an increase in demand for water access. To meet this public demand CPW has expanded the inspection season at Jumbo Reservoir through the end of October. Hours of operation during the month of October will remain a half-hour before sunrise to a-halfhour after sunset Thursday – Tuesday. The boat ramp will be closed on Wednesdays due to decreased staffing levels. Boating is only permitted during inspection hours and all boats must be off the water prior to the inspection station closing.

“Keeping Colorado’s waters free of invasive species is critical to maintaining high quality fisheries and providing high quality boating opportunities for our residents and visitors,” said Walters “The program would not be possible without the support of the boaters and anglers.”

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Prater, Golz win 2019 annual Club Tournament

While most of the club chose to fish closer to where they'd be eating hot dogs, Bill and Rick huddled in a far corner of Flatiron Reservoir Thursday and emerged with a one-two finish in the annual Club Tournament.

Using a mysterious secret bait, Bill put together a legal limit string of two 14-inch rainbows and two 13 1/2 inchers for a total of 55 inches, in a contest determined by combined length. Rick's string totaled 50 inches.

The winner walked off with a $50 cash prize and assurance that his name will be placed alongside past winners on on the club's rotating Grand Champion trophy. If you want to see it, it'll be at his house until at least next year's tournament.
Photo by Dan Barker

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Reminder, Rules AND CORRECTION about Thursday's tourney!

First, the Correction:  we originally told you 8 a.m. it's 9. Sorry about that. Hey, I'm old. 

Also, the rules of combat for the 8th annual event have changed from last year, when we fished Swift Ponds. Here they are:
  • No Wading
  • No Boating (park rules) 
  • One - Pole
  • One - Hook or Lure or Fly
  • Limit - 4 Trout
  • Stringer = 4 Trout measured (kept or released alive)
  • Time Limit – 9:00am to 12:00 noon.
  • Finally, All Kept or Released fish meant to enter the derby must be officially measured and witnessed by another club member who needs to legibly write the length of the fish on a card along with their initial. 
The First Prize Winner, the angler with the longest total string of 4 fish, gets $50 cash and her or his name on a handsome 19 1/4-inch revolving trophy, and you keep it until it's presented to the 2020 winner. Second prize is $25.

Larimer Count Parks and Open Space levies an admission fee at Flatiron. A few of us with annual passes will meet in the southeast corner of the K Mart parking lot and can give you a ride through the gate. We'll be leaving for Flatiron no later than 8:30 a.m., so be there before then or get out your purse.

While the rest of us watched fishing shows...

Rick Golz was actually out fishing in the Poudre west of Fort Collins this week. As you can tell by these photos, it was a gorgeous day to be out on the water. And he reports catching about 20 trout, mostly browns.