Friday, June 10, 2011

BLM updates on Pinewood, Carter, Horsetooth

Friday, June 10, from Kara Lamb, Bureau of Reclamation:
"I've gotten some questions about why Pinewood Reservoir is low while snow melt run-off is under way. The reason it is lower is because we need to maintain some operational flexibility as we prepare to finish filling Carter Lake, then switch operations over to finish filling Horsetooth Reservoir.

Because Pinewood sits in the middle of the Colorado-Big Thompson Project's southern power system, it sometimes bears the burden of providing the flexibility we need as we move water around. With one unit at the Flatiron Power Plant down below still undergoing maintenance, this flexibility is even more important.
As more of the upper mountain snow pack starts to melt and come down, however, we will see Pinewood start to rise again--that could be as soon as this weekend."

Kara also reports that we've reached a full reservoir elevation at Carter Lake, and the pump will go off June 11. That means a little more water will go into Horsetooth and it will see its water level elevation continue to rise.

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