Monday, April 29, 2013

Dang! I was gonna go fishing with Jim and Charlie...

"Here's the plan," said Jim Roode:  We wait until ice out at Delaney Buttes, and fish from the bank into the open water.  Big fish."

All of us had Jim's invitation to go to the lake north of Walden, but only Charlie Higgs took him up on the offer.  "You missed a good one," Jim said, upon his return. "That cut bow (see below) was 23" and I also returned a bigger brown that took over 5 minutes to land on 2lb test line. The fish was exhausted and needed to be returned immediately. He was a couple of inches longer measured next to the rod and twice as heavy as that cutbow. I caught 5 more from 10 to 18" in two half days of fishing and Charlie caught more than twice that many. It was a good trip."

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