Friday, August 23, 2013

Get out your stinkbaits! Time to go catfishing

What else would you be doing on a hot August night?  Join Jim Roode and Bill Prater for an evening of catfishing at Boyd Lake on Tuesday, Aug. 27.  Whether you join them in a float tube or fish from the bank or a boat, this should be a good evening on the water.

We'll be meeting at the marina bay boat ramp around 7 p.m. and fish until we exhaust our worms or our patience.  At least two other club members are planning to bank fish near the ramp, and be available in case one of us springs a leak.  Don't forget the West Nile mosquito threat; wear long sleeves and bring lots of repellent.

If you need a lift into the park to avoid the entrance fee, come by Bill's by 6:30; 1915 Pikes Peak Drive, just south of East 37th Street near the park.

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