Saturday, September 21, 2013

Finally! Some good news for NoCo anglers

I for one was disheartened by an aerial video of our Bellevule Watson hatchery at under water last week, but lo and behold!  the hatchery "did survive and has quite a few fish left," reports Clayton Brossart, Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife District Wildlife Manager.  It's good news for flood-weary fishermen for the fall - and holding promise for a reasonable winter ice fishing season.

"They've been trying to empty the hatchery by stocking out ahead of schedule," Clayton says.  "They stocked Boyd, Flatiron and Lon Hagler this week, so the fishing should be good as the water clears up."
Tom Miller also reports that Flatiron and Pinewood have gotten fish since the flood. He also swears he saw trout trying to jump back into the Boyd outlet pipe from Horseshoe Lake.  See his photo below. 

Water from Horseshoe pours into a rapidly filling Boyd Sept. 20, as a couple of anglers try their luck at the Marina Inlet. 

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