Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Mark this on your calendar! Wed, Sept. 17 is the Senior Derby!

Unique fishing derby for elderly Loveland residents set for Sept. 17

On Wednesday, Sept. 17, one year and a day after cancelling its third annual Loveland Fishing Club Senior Fishing Derby for elderly anglers, the club will host residents of seven of the city’s assisted living centers along with other seniors signed up through the Chilson Senior Center.

The event will be from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Flatiron Reservoir, the Larimer County Parks and Open Lands reservoir west of Loveland on County Road 18E. About 100 guests are expected for the day of fishing, followed by a cookout.  The derby is co-sponsored by the Chilson Senior Center, and Colorado Parks & Recreation is helping ensure a great event with the stocking of catchable-size rainbow trout from the Watson state hatchery at LaPorte.
Ray Park with "Fishing Guide" badges created by Mike Scheber.

The Loveland Fishing Club wants to express a very special Thank You to Colorado Parks & Wildlife, Larimer County Department of Natural Resources and the City of Loveland for all the help they have given us to make this event possible.

As in year's past, this is one of the club's premier volunteer activities, and all members are encouraged to show up and help.  Click on "Read More" below for a list of club members with specific assigned team lead responsibilities:

Overall Chair:  Ray Park
Senior facility contacts:  Norm Engelbrecht, Keith Gentry, Ray Park
Advertising:  Tom Miller, Bill Prater
Registration:  Keith Gentry
Photography:  Bill Prater, George Kral
Prizes:  Jerry and Janet Miles
Food:  Tom Boesch
Fishing poles and bait:  George Kral
Chairs:  Gerry Belko
Fish cleaning:  Mike Scheber
Signs:  Dennis Kelsey
Fishing guides:  Tom Garland
Fireplace:  John Grady
On grounds food delivery:  Karol Stroschein
Backup for all committees:  Dave Boyle.

The club is covering all expenses associated with the event, including poles, bait and tackle.  Fishing licenses will also be paid for by the club if requested at least five days before the derby.  There will be prizes for the biggest and smallest fish brought in, and a special first and second place prize for “craziest fishing hat.”  Prizes will also be given to the oldest male and oldest female at the event.  And there will be free drawings for prizes every half hour.

Following are the senior facilities participating in this year’s derby:
  • ·         Chilson Senior Center
  • ·         Courtyards of Loveland
  • ·         Good Samaritan
  • ·         Lakeview Commons
  • ·         Memory Care at Seven Lakes
  • ·         Mirasol Senior Living Community
  • ·         Sugar Valley Estates
  • ·         The Wexford

Figure 1 Loveland Fishing Club Senior Fishing Derby Chair Ray Park with a "fishing guide" badge that will be used by club volunteers taking assisted living center residents fishing.

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