Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Club donates $1,500 to Loveland Fire Rescue in memory of Dale and Dominick

The Loveland Fishing Club is donating $1,500 to the Loveland Fire Rescue Authority to help equip a newly certified rescue diver.  The award is in memory of club members Dale Owens, who drowned in a Sept. 3 accident while fishing on Blue Mesa Reservoir, and the late Dominick Scarillo, who was rescued by Loveland firemen in 2013 when his canoe capsized on Rist Benson Reservoir.

The grant will defray costs to equipment a diver with the wetsuit, drysuit and other gear for lake rescue efforts.  "The club has limited financial resources, but this is something we felt would be an important enhancement to water safety in our community," said Club President Bill Prater.  "Since Dale's tragic death, we've been more concerned than ever over minimizing the risks involved in our sport.  And this seemed an excellent way to honor the memory of our two friends Dale and Dom."

More information about Loveland Fire and Rescue can be found here.  The city agency utilizes about 90 career firefighters and 6-12 volunteer firefighters, providing rescue services within Loveland and the Loveland Rural Fire Protection District.

The Loveland Fishing Club's primary purpose is to provide fishing opportunities for its approximately 100 members, operating under the Chilson Senior Center.  The club also volunteers for and organizes a variety of events to promote fishing to seniors and  youngsters.  In addition to its annual Senior Fishing Derby for residents of Loveland assisted living centers, the club works with agencies such as Colorado Parks & Wildlife, Colorado Youth Outdoors and Loveland Police to improve outdoor opportunities throughout northern Colorado.

Information on the club can be found on the club's website, http://www.lovelandfishingclub.org

Loveland Fire Rescue firefighters, wearing their Loveland Fishing Club caps, post near their rescue vehicle during their Oct. 21 presentation to the club on boating safety.  Photo by George Kral.  

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