Friday, November 7, 2014

Want to help lead the club?

In line with club by-laws, and keeping our club active and successful, it's time to decide the club's leadership for 2015.  If you're looking for ways to become active in the Loveland Fishing Club, now's a good time to step up.  We'll all be voting on who will be voting members of the board - who it turn will appoint other positions.  

The club's current elected board members are Bill Prater, President; Lou Colton, Vice President; Barbra Ding, Treasurer; and Charlie Higgs, Secretary.

By electing Lou vice president for 2014, you essentially named him our 2015 president. Bill will continue as a Past President and Parliamentarian, with continued board voting rights for one year. At the annual meeting in January you will be voting on a new vice president, secretary and treasurer.  

We also need folks to serve as Raffle Chair, Program Chair (arranging speakers for our monthly meetings), and Webmaster/Editor.  If you're interested in one of the elected or appointed positions, contact Lou, Barbra or Charlie.

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