Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Update on Tue, Aug. 16 picnic

Received this from Tom Boesch, who just returned from trip out of the country.  Please bring a salad, side dish or dessert based on your last name (see below).

He'll be at breakfast Friday at Perkins if you have questions.

"I spoke briefly with Merle on Saturday and he said that John Gwinnup agreed to be responsible for grills and charcoal and he does not have on-line sign up but to plan for same number as last year.

So I will plan for about 60 people as last year 53 signed-up
I will have steak, chicken, hot dogs, soda, water, ice, and paper & plastic items. Last year I spent $703.00 for these items and assume budget is about the same--meat price is the largest variable
Again we will need a few extra coolers for soda and water
I would like someone to organize tables to separate salads, sides/hot dish and desserts--last year Karyol & crew took that responsibility
Tom Miller did the corn
This year the rotation is: A-H  Dessert
                                             I-N  Side/hot-dish
                                             O-Z  Salad

I am open to suggestions and modification and plan to be at the breakfast on Friday at Perkins."

Tom Boesch  

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