Thursday, February 23, 2017

News for Newbies -- Fishing Club Facebook

New members, by now you've hopefully discovered 1. this blog and 2.  our website,  Our news usually comes on this blog or an e-mail and the website holds information that doesn't change to often (including a description of the club activities).
You'll see that you can't respond to articles posted on the blog or website; we had it set up that way originally, but got too much spam.  But there is also a Facebook page, where you can post information or ask questions.  It's a "Secret" page, meaning the only way you can access it is by being a member.  And you can only be a member if I or Jim Roode adds you to the roster.
I strongly suggest you sign up; just send a note to Jim at jimroode@yahoo.comAnother good thing to know:  you can sign up so that anything posted to this blog is sent to you by e-mail.  Look to the top right of this blog and find where it says Follow by Email.  and just enter your e-mail in the box.
You can also access the Club Calendar from the blog by clicking another link at the top right of the page,

Other questions?  Drop me a note .  Or better yet, post it on the Facebook page.  Bill

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