Thursday, March 23, 2017

Sean Dunlavy, park manager at St. Vrain State Park and a ranger at Boyd for seven years prior to that, is looking for potential volunteers to provide information to the public on the importance of catch and release and flies and artificial lures only.

"I would like to try for a weekend or two in April and/or early May when a few volunteers could sit at a table near Bald Eagle Pond (with, or without, a ranger) and explain to the public why some ponds, and the public, benefit from Catch and Release and Flies and Lures Only," he says. (Bald Eagle is the state park's catch and release only pond managed for largemouth bass.)  

He's also looking to build more "partnerships" with organizations like ours, and is willing to help promote the club when circumstances permit.  He's also looking for help with cleanup days, fishing clinics and other future events.

Interested?  Call Sean at 303-522-4602.

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