Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Let's go fishing Thursday

Okay, we know the following things about this week's Loveland weather:

  • Most of the ponds around here have at least a thin ice cap. I went by Rivers Edge ponds today. They do not. All 3 are open, and I for one have cabin fever. 
  • The cold snap appears to have finally killed off most of the algae that's plagued all 3 ponds this summer and fall. Visibility is better than it's been since June.
  • It's supposed to be sunny tomorrow, with temps rising to a scorching upper 30s, winds a measly 3-4 mph.

So let's go fishing! I suggest Dragonfly, around 11, bring your Gulp minnows and maybe a few Ned rigs. I'd also wear boots; there's going to be a quick meltdown, and it'll be muddy.

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