Monday, July 20, 2020

Annual ranger Lakes camp out is July xx - xx

The annual high country trout fishing trip looks to be smaller than usual, but you may want to run up for a day of fishing.

Looks like this is us. Bill and Linda,Jim and Jean, Terry and I don't know if Linda is coming or not, and Visger and I (our wives are not coming). I haven't heard from any day trippers.

My thoughts are that, due to covid,it may not be a good idea to do a pot luck steak night. That does not mean that we cannot have a cocktail hour and even eat together if we choose.So, we could start off with cocktails on Monday  at 5:00 at my trailer and go from there. I am in space 102

If anyone has other thoughts I am always open to suggestions.

Bill,if you could put the dates on the blog maybe some others would like to join for a day

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