Thursday, November 12, 2020

The club needs a vice president for 2021. Consider tossing your fishing cap in the ring

 A year has come and gone since we elected Doug Money as the club's vice president. Now it's time for him to prepare for the presidency, and for the club to choose a new VP.

This has been a strange year for the club like the rest of the world, so you probably haven't had the chance to really think about seeking a leadership position yourself. Well, now is the time. Assuming 2021 will be a little less scary than 2020, find it a great way to get really involved in the club, and help us plan for the future.

Whether you're an old timer who's been with the club since the beginning in late 2003, or an old timer who's just joined, we need you consider running for office. Frankly, unable to meet regularly with other club members, we do not have a vice president candidate in mind. 

Election will be Dec. 1

The election is planned for Dec. 1, with the new board taking over in January. "We're not quite sure what will be involved in the job in the coming year, but we'll be doing our best to get the club back to interacting with each other and some fish," says President Jim Baxter. 

The way the club is set up, we select a vice president each year who serves alongside the president, then assumes the top position in January of the following year. That gives that person experience with leading the board, setting up monthly general meetings and establishing the general direction of the club with things like fishing trips, volunteerism and general merry-making.

Over the years, the club has become a leader in outdoor projects here in Larimer County, known for public service and enviable fishing skills.

Questions? Contact Jim at 970-689-3923, or; or  Doug at 1-847-717-0298, or


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