Wednesday, August 3, 2011

REPOSTED: Learn where Carter Lake fish are hiding this summer!

Editors note:  some faithful readers had trouble opening the spread sheet, so this article is being reposted as text only...

Tom Miller, never content to just catch fish, wants to know where they're spending hot summer months.  He's just recorded temperature readings at various depths of Carter Lake, giving us giving us important data about possible fish location.  Let him know if you find it useful; he may do it for other lakes.  

On July 26, 2011, Tom measured water temperatures in Carter from the surface down to 50 feet, at 5 foot increments.  Surface temperature was 76 degrees F, and the temperature held at about 75 degrees down to  a depth of 15 feet. He found a temperature drop of nearly 4 degrees by 20 feet, and another 4 degrees drop at 25 feet, to 61.7 degrees. At 30 feet, it dropped to 56.3 degrees, at 35, 52.2 degrees, with a decline by 50 feet to 47.8 degrees.  

Walleye's preferred water temperature is 67-72 degrees, rainbow trout prefer 56-62 and lake trout 48 to 52.  Draw your own conclusions, but I'd be looking for trout at about 25-30 feet and walleye about 15-20 feet down.  

This article can also be found on the club website; here's the link:

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