Tuesday, August 23, 2011

LFC exclusive: new thermocline data for Lon Hagler!

Give Tom Miller a new toy, and he'll try it out on the water.  Lately he's equipped that new pontoon boat of his a temperature probe, and he's coming up with information I've never seen before on Carter Lake (see related story) and most recently, Lon Hagler.

On Aug. 18, Tom took Lon Hagler temperature readings at depths ranging from the surface down to 40 feet.
The temperature was virtually constant, 74 degrees F at the surface down to 72.6 degrees at 20 feet.  And then, at 25 feet,  he found - the thermocline!  Drag your lure or worm along at the 25 foot level and the temperature is more than 6 degrees cooler.   

Rainbow trout are said to prefer a temperature of 56-62 degrees, walleye from about 67-72, and warmwater species like largemouth and bluegill prefer it between 70 and 85.  Draw your own conclusions. 
Here are Tom's readings:
  • Surface:               74 degrees
  • 5 foot                    73.8
  • 10 foot                  73.8
  • 15 foot                  73.2
  • 20 foot                  72.6
  • 25 foot                  65.9
  • 30 foot                  62.1
  • 35 foot                  59.1
  • 40 foot                  58

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