Friday, January 27, 2012

On an icy day, go fishing online

Okay, I'll traipse back onto the ice with you folks now and again.  But it's the middle of frigging winter here in Colorado, and time to mope and look ahead to an early spring.  To really turn spring fever into a proper obsession, here is a short introduction to taking advantage of the web to put a whole range of fishing options at your fingertips. Just click and daydream...

Hopefully you are using links to Colorado fishing resources previously published here and available from our links page of the club's website, but there's much, much more out there.  The online world is blogging with one another about every darned thing from politics (we are not going there from here) to some wonderfully arcane subjects like carp on the fly and Oklahoma fly fishing and places to get decent flies for 50 cents apiece.
Revisit links to the likes of club friends Fish Explorer and the Colorado Division of Wildlife. But before you do, check out some of these new listings, compiled for your reading pleasure.  If you know of others on fishing topics, let me know ... 
Our neighbors to the east do a good job of informing about Kansas fishing.  Glen Elder, anyone?

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