Monday, February 17, 2014

AGENDA for Tuesday, Feb. 18 club meeting

Feb. 18, Fishing Club Agenda

Ø Karol S, Secretary’s report
Ø Barbara D, Treasurer's report
Ø John B, Volunteers of America hours report
Ø Tom M, raffle report
Old Business:
Ø Tom M: 
ü Wednesday’s 1-3 p.m. belly boat trip to Chilson Pool
ü March 8-9 Larimer Fishing Expo
Ø Jim R: 
ü Revised club fishing tournament
ü Good and bad news on River’s Edge
Ø Ray P:  Senior Derby planning
New business:  
Ø Lou on club calendar
Ø John G on new fishing breakout sessions
Breakout sessions: (these will be 20 minutes, then switch)
Ø Bill, Q&A for new members (and old ones who’ve forgotten what they knew)
Ø Lou on out-of-town fishing trips
Ø John G on local fishing

Raffle, Tom M and Roseann C

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