Thursday, February 27, 2014

So, where's a picture of that big fish of Lou's?

It occurs to me that the club should be more regularly represented on the Loveland Reporter-Herald's weekly Outpost page, under their headline, "Fishing photos sought."

We all loved seeing Roseanne's recent photo from the Amazon of her and a couple killer piranhas, but we should also see a regular sampling of club members' catches closer to home.

The paper asks, "Had any luck fishing lately?"  You just send a jpg format photo to "Catch of the Week" at  If you need some help with a first-time submission, ask someone else in the club.  Include your name, type of fish, and when and where the fish was caught.  Also include your phone number, which won't be published but needed in case they have questions.

Please don't submit pictures that are too obviously fish kills or employ one past president's time-honored tactics of holding a prize catch way out toward the camera lens.  Save that for attempted verification of biggest fish in the annual club tournament.

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