Thursday, April 24, 2014

Club's rods and reels get a real workout

For three kinda hectic hours Wednesday, club members showed introduced hundreds of youngsters - most of them ages 4 to 6 - to to use of a spin casting rod and reel.  It was a total kick.

For as long as we'd let them hold onto the pole, fledgling anglers tossed plastic minnow imitations into the fishless but tempting Chilson Lagoon.  Many were putting their hands on a fishing pole for the first time, and their chubby little thumbs were often too small to hold down the line release by themselves.  A surprising number caught on to casting quickly, others overcame early struggles and eventually did just fine, and ended by pushing parents to take them to the June 7 Loveland Police Kids Fishing Derby.  (We do need to invest in more casting plugs; a fair number wound up in trees and the lagoon.)

The club's participation in the 12th annual event was managed by Karol and Arnie Stroschein, with the help of about a dozen club members.  Wednesday's outing was part of Loveland Children's Day, organized by the city and Thompson Valley School District.  Photos by George Kral (except for the one of him and a young angler, at the bottom).

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