Monday, January 26, 2015

Might want to bring shorts and sunscreen to Horsetooth Tuesday...

Things are looking promising for Tuesday's trip to Satanka Cove.  Forecast up around 70 degrees.

I've had several folks ask what to use; no guarantees this time of year, but the good thing about trout is, they're one fish that remains reasonably obliging in cold water.  Most of us will likely go with Power Bait fished on light line Texas rig.  Not sure how snaggy it is around the boat ramp.  I'll probably give drop shotting a try also, probably with a small Berkeley minnow imitation.  I've had a little luck with smallies on a feather jig down at the Marina Inlet in cold water, but never this early in the season.  Let's see if we can catch a few.  

Remember, 8:30 a.m. at K-Mart to carpool.  There's a $7 day use fee at Horsetooth.

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