Sunday, March 1, 2015

Aw, let's go fishing

Tired of sitting around waiting for a warmup?  Ignore the fact that it's 15 degrees outside and let's go fishing someplace.

We should probably wait until Thursday, when there's supposed to be a brief warmup.  Just don't listen to Dan when he talks about launching that new boat of his - open water is still about a 100 yards east of the boat ramp at Boyd, and things aren't much better anywhere else around here.

How about an ice fishing trip to one of the Red Feathers lakes?  Or if no one's game, let's try for open water at the Marine inlet at Horsetooth.

Let me know if you're interested - click here to send Bill an e-mail.  Unless someone has a better plan, let's leave from the K-Mart parking lot at 8:30 Thursday.  Be there or just mope around until spring.

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