Wednesday, March 4, 2015

First ever "Does My Boat Still Float?" and Hot Dog Day is April 9

Okay, there is still ice on most places where we might give our boats a trial float, but Spring is on the horizon.  The question is, will you remember to put in your drain plug?  Did you last change spark plugs in 2004? And will Dan Barker's new boat actually float?

Let's answer those questions, and help one another prepare for spring fishing, by getting together at 8:30 a.m. Thursday, April 9 at Lon Hagler Reservoir.  Come whether you have a boat or just want a ride or a free hot dog and chips.  We'll launch, ride around awhile, fish as long as it makes sense, and have lunch when it doesn't.

Lon Hagler is a no-wake lake, so we can't open wide the throttle. But we can get the kinks out after a long, cold winter.  We'll be scheduling regular Boat Days again this year, matching up boat owners with fishing buddies, but this is just to make sure everything works.

Last April a group of us got ready to launch at Boedecker, and I learned to my chagrin that some electrical thingy in my 50 hp Mercury had died over the winter.  The trim wouldn't work, and I couldn't raise or lower the danged thing.  Ray Park called a buddy who works on motors, who came out and saved my bacon while everyone else went fishing.

They didn't catch anything, but hey, that's early spring fishing in Colorado.  If I'd been by myself, I might still be there., wishing I'd had some buddies along to help.

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