Tuesday, January 15, 2019

2019 Club Officers elected; Jim Visger is our new President

By unanimous vote, Jim Baxter Tuesday was named the club's vice president for 2019. He will serve a year under new President Jim Visger, our 2018 VP.
2019 President Jim Visger

Barbra Ding will continue as club Treasurer; Christine Weiss as Secretary and Norm Englebrecht as Member at Large.

Visger succeeds Dave Johnson, who received a rousing round of applause from membership at Tuesday's meeting for his service to the club. As immediate past president, he also serves as Parliamentarian.

Meeting times
  • Chilson Center, Loveland, 2 p.m. on the 3rd Tuesday of the month
  • Board meetings 9 a.m. on Monday before each general meeting
  • Friday breakfast, 7 a.m. Fridays, Perkins Restaurant, Loveland

2019 club leadership: top left Jim Baxter, Norm Englebrecht, Jim Visger,
Rick Palmieri, Jim Roode;
 front left Dave Johnson, John Gwinnup, Barbra Ding, Christine Weiss

Join us on Facebook ("Secret" page limited to club members)  Send a note to jimroode@yahoo.com
2018 Club Officers and other contacts:
President, Dave Johnson
Vice President, Jim Visger
Immediate Past President Fred Riehm
Treasurer, Barbra Ding
Secretary, Christine Weiss
Government Affairs chairperson, Jim Roode
Member at large, Norm Englebrecht
Friends of the Big Thompson, Walt Graul
Activities chair, Pat Mikulak
Program chair, Open
Kids Fishing Derby chair, Keith Gentry
Senior Derby Chair, Ray Park, Warren Wolf
Advertising/public relations, Tom Miller
Historian, Skip Kral
Banner Keeper, Dennis Kelsey
Raffle Chair, John Gwinnup

Webmaster, Rick Palmieri
Publicity, Editor, Bill Prater
Volunteers of America, Alan Jones
Inventory, Norm Englebrecht

Contact: Bill Prater, billjohnp@gmail.com; Rick Palmieri, scc9443553@gmail.com

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