Thursday, January 31, 2019


Saturday February 2
We will depart from Sams on 34 at 6AM probably stop at McDonalds for a snack.  We should get to the Res about 9AM. We should get back later in the day on Saturday. Our role will be to fish and help others with fishing so bring some fishing stuff.  Larry just bought a new ION 
auger we probably wont need to drill holes.  They will provide lunch, they have a house right next to the lake I assume Headquarters.  There are Northern Pike in the lake as well as trout.  

Those expressing interest at this point
    Dave Boyle 
    Tom Miller
    Norm Englebrech
    Keith Gentry
   John Guinup

   I am sure I have missed some. If you are interested please contact me at 970-218-3645 or emai at

One of the perks of this trip is to get to see their set up at the lake.  Larry has offered to let us use the house up there for one or more of our fishing trips.  Thinking maybe ice-out for Northerns???

Hope more of you can come!!!!


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