Tuesday, February 5, 2019

There just wasn’t any competition… Norm Engelbrecht won the day.

Saturdays ice fishing trip to Tarryall Reservoir to work with Outdoor Buddies and assist handicapped fishers was a big success. There were more “helpers” than there were handicapped people so we had an opportunity to just fish. Everyone there was friendly and if someone had a fish on many would trot over to see what was caught. The event organizers drove around offering rides in the four wheelers to anyone who wanted to get back to the parking area or back to the ice hole and ensured that if anyone needed help, they were there to assist with anything. Temps started at 0 degrees but with clear skies and no wind it warmed up quickly.  

Tom Miller spent his time using his Go Pro camera with Alan Jones assisting and interviewed anyone that would talk with him. There were dogs on the ice and in ice sleds and there were tracked wheelchairs that climbed effortlessly up the snow bank pulling a sled behind them. I’m sure Tom captured some of that on his camera so we may have a chance to see some of that.
In a blog that Bill Prater wrote in 2018 he stated, “Now I would modestly say I am close to the best ice angler in the club -- but only in the sense that I try to stand close to Norm Engelbrecht when we fish together.

Bill sure knows what he’s talking about!  Not everyone fished but Norm sure did!
Norm caught the first fish, the biggest fish, the most fish and the only fish for the entire LFC group that was there.

Without Bill there just wasn’t any competition as much as we tried. Dave Boyle hooked a big fish that might have beaten Norms but that one got away. The rest of the group, John Gwinnup, Jim Baxter, Keith Gentry and myself, had to be content with just being on the ice. Maybe it was the recent addition of the American flag that Norm added to his sled this trip. 

Either way, we were in good company, so it was a good day.

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