Monday, August 26, 2019

Time flies! Boat day is scheduled for 11 Sept which is only two weeks away!

Most of you are aware of how boat day works, basically sign up or let Rick know that you are willing to share your craft or want to be a rider. September is a busy month with lots of activities and is also one of the busiest time for anglers to go fishing and others to take vacations. As a result Boat day may not garner a lot of interest but then again temps should be cooling and maybe the fishing will be better too.

02 Sept----Labor Day
11 Sept ---Boat day
14 Sept ---Harvest Bazaar at Chilsons
16 Sept----Board meeting
17 Sept----Monthly meeting
25 Sept----Senior Fishing Derby

I'll have a signup sheet at Friday breakfast, time is short to get this together and we also need to have volunteers for preparing lunch again.


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