Monday, November 18, 2019

Annual Nonresident Wyoming Fishing License

For those of you that want to extend your geographic fishing area and want to include Wyoming a Nonresident Annual Fishing License costs $114.00. The daily fee is $14. That means if you go more than 8 times or do a few multi day trips you should buy an annual license. You can also purchase a Nonresident Five (5) Day license for $56.00. Anyone under the age of 14 can fish for free.

One nice thing about the annual license is that it is good for a calendar year from the date you purchase it just like a Colorado State Parks Pass. My license for this year expires on 31 Dec 2019. The annual one I purchased today has a start date of Jan 1 2020 and expires on 31 Dec 2020 so they basically appended the current one which is exactly what the Laramie Fly Shop told me would happen when I spoke with them last week.

Happy fishing,

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