Friday, November 8, 2019

Kelsey lands a whopping big largemouth

Dennis Kelsey hauled a 4-inch bluegill out of Loveland's Dragonfly Pond on Oct. 25 - which doesn't sound like such a big deal until you hear he traded that little panfish for a 22 1/2-inch largemouth bass.

"I hooked the bluegill behind the dorsal, dropped it in and waited," Dennis recalls. "I didn't have a landing net, so I had to get down on my back and finally landed it."

If my math is correct, that big bass measured 114 percent of the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Master Angler criteria for a largemouth, 18 inches, which puts Dennis in contention for a finish near the top of this year's Loveland Fishing Club Angler of the Year award.

It may also put him in contention for recognition as Loveland's Toughest Angler. I for one would have given a bag of Gulp Minnows to watch him gamely thrash around and then return to fishing getting back to that walker of his...

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