Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Show us your Big One

While we never tire of admiring our own, Rick and I urge club members to Show Us Your Big One.”
Doing things in solitary, with faces frequently hidden by masks, we find ourselves without the usual opportunity to allow others to admire our most prized possessions.

Mindful of social distance, we ask that you e-mail us a photo of your Big One so we can share It with the rest of the club online. Aware of Dave’s and Dan’s and Norm’s shared fondness for wide angle photography, the editors note that photos of a Big One grasped by suspiciously enormous hands will be subjected to skepticism once reserved for breakfast at Perkins.

In case Tom or Arnie are reading this, we should stress that we’re talking big fish here. 

Also, A reminder that Jim Roode is seeking candidates for 2020 Angler of the Year. All species included in the Colorado Master Angler program are eligible.

Here’s where to e-mail your entries:

Angler of the Year:

Show us your Big One: or

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