Sunday, June 7, 2020

Doug Money declares candidacy for LFC's Once Hottest Angler!

We are seeking photos dating back to the early days of Eastman Kodak; club members in their prime showing the rest of us just how hot you once were.

The latest entry comes from Vice President Doug Money, shown here, at left, with an impressive stringer of fish and his Dad, whom Doug says "taught me to fish...and one of the first things he taught me is the importance of a fishing dress code." Which is advice other unnamed members of the club might heed.  (Also, we do love that lad's haircut)

So dig through your scrap books and send us your entry, a jpeg to LFC's Hottest Angler nominee.

Remember, photos accompanied by a fish are encouraged but not mandatory. Entries should not be Photoshopped, misrepresented or otherwise strain other club members’ sensibilities.  Also, this is a family website; nudity should be at least tasteful, and age appropriate.

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