Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Please Read: Ranger Lakes Trip Scheduled for July 27-30

From Dave Johnson,
Regarding the Ranger Lakes trip. It is scheduled for July 27-30. I had a signup sheet made for the next meeting and then covid. So, no chance to get folks signed up. When I agreed to sponsor the trip I announced ( at a meeting) to get reservations in early as the campground fills up quickly. I don't know how many folks did that and if they don't have a reservation now I doubt that they are available. 
As far as I am concerned this trip is still on, so I would suggest that folks that have reservations call me (970-509-0478) or email (dk80446@yahoo.com) and I will update sign up sheet. As far as steak night or other activities I will wait to see how many participants we have to plan those.

Editors Note: There's an outside chance that you could still get a camping spot at Ranger Lakes or potentially somewhere else. Last year a couple of us drove up for a day and it was well worth it. We got to fish with friends and enjoy their company. Even if you aren't going to camp let Dave know you plan on coming up for a day. Let him know if you would like to participate in an after hours (that means after fishing :) activity with those that are camping. That might help Dave determine which night that could happen.

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