Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Have to cancel ice-up trip to North Park Wednesday

I knew we were in trouble this morning as I drove past Westerdoll Lake and watched a dozen geese standing on the middle of the pond. Then Walt called with the news that he'd spoken with a guy at the Walden Fly Shop, who reported temperatures hit 22 below last night and the Delaneys were about one-third iced over. Wind chill there hit about minus 45, which is kind of cold, even for Norm.

For those of you packing to join us for a day trip Wednesday, I guess we can watch some old Bill Dance episodes. 

Meanwhile, Larimer County is closing the Carter and Horsetooth boat ramps today and Wednesday but hoping to reopen Thursday.  But after a two-month closure due to the Cameron Peak Fire, 

Colorado Highway 14 has reopened between north of Fort Collins and Walden. (We had planned to take the long way to Walden, through Laramie)

While fire activity in the immediate area has diminished, which allowed for the opening, CDOT crews will still need to clear some debris from the shoulders and do other road work to get the road ready for the winter snow season. 
CDOT is strongly encouraging people NOT to be on the road unless necessary. All forest areas accessible from CO 14 are closed now due to the fire danger.

It's supposed to warm up a bit over the next few days; I'm thinking Rivers Edge should thaw out. And if we can get our float tubes out, there have to be some hungry fish waiting by the aerators. I can't believe I have spring fever already. 
Let me know if you're interested. Bill 

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