Monday, May 26, 2014

Dixon's on hold - but get out to Lon Hagler Tuesday

Heavy rains have caused the temporary closure of the Pineridge Natural Area in Fort Collins, including Dixon lake.  So the club outing planned for Thursday, May 29 will be rescheduled.

However, Lon Hagler got through with a lot less excess water than your president's basement - so we'll be there in force Tuesday morning, May 27.   This is our first-ever "Hot Dog Day" with free hot dogs and soft drinks after a day of fishing from boat or bank.  If you have a float tube or pontoon boat, bring it; if you want to try one out, just ask a club member for a little help and encouragement.

Some of us will gather at the north shore boat launch area from about 8 a.m. on; lunch will be in a nearby picnic area.  Let's get out and fish!

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