Thursday, May 22, 2014

Roode comes up with a Jumbo walleye

Once again a new leader emerges in the race to become LFC Fisherman of the Year.

On May 20th, on the club trip to Jumbo Reservoir north of Sterling, Jim Roode caught a 25" walleye -with catch and measurement verified by Norm Englebert, past president and normally a trustworthy sort.
The 25" Walleye represent a little over 96% of the Colorado Master Angler Award (MMA) criteria for the species.  

Currently in second place in the club contest for biggest fish of the year, with a 22" rainbow at almost 92% of MAA, is Jim Clune.  In third place with a 17 3/4" rainbow, nearly 74% MAA, is Tom Boesh.

It's starting to get interesting.  

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