Friday, May 9, 2014

May is one busy month for the Club

Unless we have a few more unexpected snow storms, plan on a busy fishing calendar for the club in May: Two out of town trips, twice-a-week local outings and a first-ever "Group Day" at Lon Hagler, with a free picnic-after-the fishing!

The much-anticipated walleye trip to Jumbo reservoir is May 13-16; there's camping at the lake and motels in Sterling.  See Norm Engelbrecht for details.  For those staying local, there's a boat and float tube trip to Boyd on Tuesday, Mayt 13, and bank fishing at Flatiron on Thursday, May 15.

The annual Blue Mesa trip is Monday-Friday, May 19-23; see Ray Park.
Also that week is the monthly club meeting, 2 p.m. at Chilson on Tuesday, May 20.  There's also an outing to Lonetree in the morning, and on Thursday, May 22, there's a bank fishing expedition to Boedecker.

Continuing the ongoing effort to encourage and even bribe everyone to fish together more often, we're having a hotdog, chips and soft drink picnic following a morning of fishing at Lon Hagler on Tuesday, May 27.  Larry Larsen and Dennis Lund are making arrangements.  And the bass and bluegill should be on fire by Thursday, May 29, when we'll have a float tube and bank trip to Dixon Lake in Fort Collins.

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