Thursday, June 5, 2014

How Colorado Youth Outdoors cleans and cooks Kids Derby trout

Impressed by the way our Colorado Youth Outdoors partners clean all those trout at the Loveland Police Fishing Derby, while hordes of hungry kids wait and watch?  Tom Miller will be helping the crew this year, and here he describes the technique he and other CYO volunteers will be using Saturday:
Many people avoid cooking and eating the fish they catch because they donʼt
want to bother with all the bones. Here is an easy method of separating the
meat from the bone, on your plate.
1. Clean and scale the fish as normal, cut the fins out rather than cutting them
2. Heat your cooking surface . Frying pan, oven, or my favorite a bar-be-cue.
 (if you bar-be-cue, use CHEAP Italian salad dressing as marinate)
3. Dredge the fish in flour, (or corn meal) and place on to your hot cooking
 surface, (if frying).
4. Look at your watch, and time how long it takes the eye to turn white;
 at that point, turn the fish over and cook for one half as long on the other
6. Place the whole fish on a plate, lift the tail slightly, with a fork separate
 the cooked meat from the bone on the lower side, the side closest to the
 plate. The meat will fall away from the bone as you lift the fish by the tail.
7. Turn the fish over and repeat the process on the other side. Thatʼs all
 there is to it. You will have the boneless meat on your plate; the skeleton in your hand.

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