Saturday, June 7, 2014

One great kids' fishing derby

By any measure, including the size of the winning trout, the 2014 Loveland Police Fishing Derby was a huge success.  We'll post some more photos later, but here's 5-year-old Damien Gagnon with his mother and club Fishing Derby Co-Chair Keith Gentry and his prizes for the day's biggest catch.  T'was a 16 1/2-inch rainbow that was the talk of the tournament - a full 4 inches larger than the next biggest fish taken.

Keith Gentry, left, with 5-year-old Damien Shemel and his mother Heather.
Attendance was great, fishing was terrific, and the club outdid itself in helping make this a memorable day for young anglers and their families.  Thanks to all who worked under Keith and Larry Carlson's leadership for a spectacular day on the duck pond.

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