Thursday, June 5, 2014

New Swift Ponds facility ready for us for us and Girl Scouts on Wed., June 11

We've got a huge new fishing dock and covered pavilion ready for us at Swift Ponds, and we're going to try something very ambitious and different with the Girl Scouts this year!

It should be great fun, beginning around 9:30 wrapping up by about 12:30.  We know it's just a few days after the Loveland kids derby, but that's the way the schedule worked this year. Let's be there by 8:30, to set things up.

In the past we've just frantically baited the hooks of about a hundred cute little Scouts coming at us in five or six waves, with fishing success declining as the day went on.  This year we're going to have half of them show up at 9:30 a.m., teach them the basics of casting, fish identification, tying a basic fishing knot - and how to bait their own hook.  Then they'll get out on that dock and fish, aided by some Girl Scout volunteers and teen-age scouts.

The intent is to teach the girls more than how to get a worm wet, while making the event shorter and more manageable for club members.

If you attended our "teach kids how to fish" clinic last Sunday with Howard Horton of Colorado Parks & Wildlife, you'll be in great shape to help, and everyone is encouraged to volunteer if they can, on June 11 and on the second fishing day, June 18.

We'll be using a large new fishing dock installed by Colorado Youth Outdoors on a pond on the far southeast corner of CYO grounds.  It also has a covered pavilion with picnic tables, benches and an outhouse.

Parents will be dropping off their kids about 8:30 a.m., so it will be congested around then.  Rather than go through the main entrance, we should be able to enter a back gate.  Swift Ponds is located a couple miles north of the I-25/Windsor exit.  From I-25, take Colorado 392 to the stoplight at County Road 5.  Go north 1.5 miles and look for an unmarked drive to the left.  We'll be set up on the west side of the pond you pass as you enter.

Here's a Google map view of the pond, with the fishing dock and pavilion on the west side.,-104.9839232,123m/data=!3m1!1e3

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