Sunday, March 2, 2014

Agenda for Monday, March 3 Board meeting at Chilson

All members welcome; we meet at 9 a.m.

Karol Stroschein, minutes
Barb Ding, treasurer’s report
John Grady, VOA hours

Old business: 

-       Jim Roode, board approval of new fishing tourney rules.  We all seem in agreement. Let’s just have a show of hands

-       Lou C on fishing calendar.  Goal:  publication of renewed, full-blown local and out-of-town calendar by March 21 breakfast
o   Proposed “Boating Day,”  Need tentative date and location/same with first on-the-water float tube outing to Lon Hagler
o   John Plog scheduled pontoon boat outings, area lakes
o   Other local fishing possibilities while we wait for spring warmup?

-       John Gwinnup/Jim R on agenda for Tuesday, March 18 
o   Meeting room/equipment requirements for Jim’s talk on GPS
o   Requirements for breakout sessions.  What topics, seating arrangements?

-       Tom M on club role in March 8-9 Larimer County Fishing Expo
o   Hours covered?
o   Handouts
o   Need the sandwich board / asking for donations for Kids Derby, Senior Derby (first time we’ve done this)
o   Ray P:  shall we sell senior derby t-shirts? Who has?
o   Donation kitty jars security?
New Business:  Ongoing discussion of who we are as club & who we want to be
-       Lou on results of member survey
-       Bill, let’s streamline general meetings with written handouts of secretary’s minutes, treasurer's report and VOA hour, giving secretary, treasurer and VOA opportunity to discuss specific issues
o   First issue:  Barb on club relationship with Chilson - and what we get for helping with spring cleanup, pancake breakfast and fall bazaar

-       Walt Graul on recommendation to eliminate use of live bait when we teach kids to fish, in favor of barbless tube jigs, grubs, bubble and fly. Goal:  reduce fish mortality while we teach children to fish, rather than just bait their hooks
-       Bill on proposal for club-sponsored workshop at Chilson on training ourselves and other community volunteers to teach youngsters how to fish, led by Parks & Wildlife Angling Outreach coordinator and facilitated by club. 
-       Goals:
o   Teach volunteers for Girl Scouts, CYO, other nonprofits how to teach their own groups of kids to fish
o   Reduce reliance on club as sole  provider of volunteers for other organizations’ events, while improving our volunteer efforts by making them more interesting to club members and valuable for kids and the nonprofits we support
o   Along those lines is the recommended purchase of “Backyard Bass Educator starter set,” 20 casting plugs and 16 plastic fish used to teach casting to as many as 8 participants at a time.  (fun for all ages, including seniors)
-       Tom M on Parks & Wildlife Partners Conference panel on nonprofits' liability.  He’s reviewed our liability insurance options and is satisfied club is fine under Volunteers of America umbrella.  But we should limit volunteerism to situations involving groups like City of Loveland, Parks & Wildlife, CYO which have their own liability insurance  


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