Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Finding your way around a handheld GPS

Our featured speaker at the Tuesday, March 18 general meeting will be Jim Roode, on how to use a handheld GPS device for fishing. 

With the advent of affordable handheld GPS systems, navigation has taken a giant leap forward. The days of navigating to your wilderness destination using a map and compass are now greatly supplemented by GPS systems -- and you can use the same setup to find your way back to a favorite fishing hole.
Jim, the club's government relations liaison and die-hard outdoorsman, will show us how to use a hand-held GPS device to find our way around in the woods and on the water.  His talk is only about using a handheld device, generally one of the several types made by Garmin or Magellan, not the type you plug into your car.

If you have a handheld device, bring it to the meeting.  You want to ensure you get it back, so HAVE YOUR NAME ON IT. If you're already familiar with how it works, help your fellow club members during this interactive workshop. 
Developed by the Department of Defense, GPS devices used to be accurate within 30 feet or so, limiting their usefulness for fishing.  That's ancient history:  now a good handheld device will take you within a few feet or your destination, day or night, land or water.

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