Thursday, March 27, 2014

First ever LFC Boat Day is Thursday, April 17

Boat Day is a day set aside where Club members who have boats take Club members who don't and would like to get out on the water for a day on the water.  A sign up sheet was passed around at the February meeting, and the following is a listing of those who've signed up so far. 
If you'd like to join us, contact Dave Boyle at 223-7351 or e-mail  We'll settle on times and locations shortly.  
People with Boats who'll be participating:
Name Number of people can take
    Dave Boyle 2-3
    Larry Seib  2-3
    Dotty Bethel  2-3
    Larry Carlson  3-4
    Bob Scott  1-2
    Tom Garland  1-2
    Merle Boden  1-2
    Bill Prater  1-2
    Tom Miller   1
    Jim Roode
    Ron Aron
    Denny Breen
    Wesley West
    Harry Case
    Charlie Higgs
    Jim Giles
    Dave Harem
    Rosanne Carrol
    Barbara Ding
    Rick Haskell
    Ray Park

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