Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Agenda for Tuesday, March 18 club meeting, 2 p.m. at Chilson

Here's what we'll be talking about.  Remember to bring your GPS if you've got one.  Anything to add to the agenda, please let me or Lou know.  Bill 

AGENDA, March 18, 2014 

 Barbara Ding, Treasurer report
John Grady, Volunteers of America update
Roseanne Carroll, Raffle report

Bill Prater, recognition of new members and guests

Lou Colton, Who’s been fishing? Fishing calendar update. Discussion of Larimer Fishing Expo.


Lou/Dave Boyle on “Boat Day” matching up non-boating and boating members on area lakes

Bill, Volunteer update:  To create additional volunteers to take kids fishing, and motivate everyone else, the club will be hosting a workshop this spring on “Teaching people to teach fishing.” Plan is to include volunteers from Girl Scouts, Colorado Youth Outdoors, Colorado Parks & Wildlife, others if space permits.  Goals include reduced reliance on the club for kids' fishing events.  

John Gwinnup introduction of speaker: 
Jim Roode, Finding your way around a handheld GPS

With the advent of affordable handheld GPS systems, navigation has taken a giant leap forward. The days of navigating to your wilderness destination using a map and compass are now greatly supplemented by GPS systems -- and you can use the same setup to find your way back to a favorite fishing hole.

Developed by the Department of Defense, GPS devices used to be accurate within 30 feet or so, limiting their usefulness for fishing.  That's ancient history:  now a good handheld device will take you within a few feet or your destination, day or night, land or water.

Breakout sessions: (IMPORTANT:  these conversations will be used to plan the early spring fishing calendar.  Bring your ideas.
Bank fishing, please move to the front of the room
Fly fishing, southeast side. Turn chairs to face east wall.
Boat anglers.  West side.  Turn chairs to face west wall.  (If necessary, use your new GPS skills to determine east vs west.)
Raffle: Roseanne

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