Friday, March 6, 2020

UPDATE LODGING SUGGESTION FOR Annual Club Walleye Trip To Jumbo Reservoir May 12-13

This years Annual Club Walleye Trip To Jumbo Reservoir is scheduled for Tuesday/Wednesday May 12-13
Norm Englebrecht is the Wrangler for this trip. A sign up sheet is available at the monthly club meetings or at Friday breakfasts. You can also call Norm at 970-685-0566.
Last year almost everyone caught their limit and weather was great. People caught their limits from shore as well as from a boat.

Jumbo Reservoir is close to Sedgewick, CO east of Sterling and is about 150 miles from Loveland. The easiest route is east on HWY 34 to I-76 which will get you pretty darn close to the reservoir.

Barb Ding notes that the Antique Inn in Sedgewick is a great place to stay - it is $40 per person - call Lupe at 970-463-9932 for reservations. 

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