Friday, March 20, 2020

Colorado Parks and Wildlife will be waiving fees for changing and/or canceling camping reservations until further notice.

CPW has updates for Coronovirus on their website and you can also sign up to get customized alerts (CPW eNews) for fishing, hunting, etc on a general basis.

CPW Coronovirus updates

CPW eNews: 

Another point of confusion was resolved by the good people at Boyd State Park for ANS requirements for a kayak or inflatable pontoon. Regulations clearly spell out that any kayak with a sail or trolling motor needs to be registered and have an ANS inspection. The same holds true for an inflatable pontoon/belly boat. I was told by kayak shops that as soon as you trailer a kayak it then requires ANS inspection as well. What about trailered pontoons? 

The answer is that IF YOU PUT THE TRAILER IN THE WATER TO LAUNCH the vessel then you need an ANS inspection for the trailer. If you are just using the trailer for transport, as one of our members did to the Riverside Ponds, then nothing is required. 

Happy Fishing!

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