Sunday, March 1, 2020

Surely boat ramps will be open soon

Okay, several of northern Colorado's most stalwart anglers were still haunting the receding edges of Boyd Lake ice on Sunday, but the more cautious among us are ready for Front Range open water.

Tom Miller, after visiting with Dennis Kelsey at Rivers Edge Friday, took the tour of Boyd and Carter lakes to see if he could get information about opening dates for boats.

At Boyd, he says, "I saw that the Marina is still ice bound, but the ramp was free of ice. The courtesy dock is on the parking lot, lined up and ready to go down the ramp (when it’s time)." He stopped by the office and reports "the lady there suggested that they are looking at opening on March 1." That ship has obviously sailed. With the ice still lingering around the marina, it is most likely that opening will be at least a week away.

The Boyd website today just says "to be determined when Boyd Lake will be opening to boating." Acquatic nuisance inspection hours in March will be 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

At Carter, Tom found patches of ice floating mid lake, unusual for that lake.
Molly at the Bison Center says boating is not expected to begin until some time in April, the question mark being availability of ANS inspectors.

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