Thursday, March 19, 2020

Day 3 of self-imposed isolation

Day 3 of self-imposed isolation for the Prater Household...

During these challenging times of social distancing, here are two new things I have learned about my lovely spouse of 51 years. You may find them useful:

  1. Even with logic on my side, do not point out to Linda that her Dragon's Hoard of "fat quarter" quilt fabric would be a potential substitute for our dwindling supply of toilet paper.
  2. She is also not nearly as understanding about ice fishing bait pucks in the refrigerator when she finds out what I keep in them. (Especially when I've left them in there a bit too long) (And for God's sake, and the sake of your marriage, only refer to them as "waxies," or "larvae." Never refer to "spikes" by their more technically accurate name, "maggots."  

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