Thursday, August 16, 2012

Wait! I see Gail and Norm. Where's the water?

Photo by Jim Clune
Okay, looks like they're having a good time at the annual campout up Poudre Canyon.  Here Norm Englebrecht and wife Gail celebrate a successful trip to Ranger Lakes, and their 48th wedding anniversary.  Um, where are the fish? 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Club exclusive: thermocline for area lakes!

While you were out trolling in the record summer heat, drowning worms, Tom Miller was busy logging critical thermocline information for Lakes Boyd, Lonetree, Lon Hagler and Horsetooth.

The complete spreadsheets on his findings can be found on the Resources page of the club website.  Click here.

  • At Boyd on July 19, Tom found a surface temperature of 77.2 degrees and a thermocline that began at 26 feet and extended to 36 feet.
  • At Lonetree, on July 31, Tom recorded a surface temperature of 73.5 degrees and a thermocline that was 70.6 degrees at 30 feet dropping to 60 degrees at 50 feet.  
  • At Lon Hagler on July 31, surface temperature was 75.6, and the thermocline began at 30 feet, where it was 70 degrees, dropping to 60.8 by 40 feet.
  • At Horsetooth on August 2, Tom found temperature a constant 73.4 degrees F down to 24 feet.  The thermocline:  the temperature fell slowly from 72.5 degrees at 26 feet to 62 degrees at 42 feet and 60 degrees by 50 feet. 
And as you'd know if you paid attention during Tom's presentation on trolling at the July club meeting,
here are optimum temperatures for popular fish:   

CARP 84  
LARGEMOUTH                      70  
BLUEGILL           69