Thursday, November 21, 2013

Update on post-flood fish in the Big Thompson

Post-flood assessment of the fish in the Big Thompson

 The Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife has completed an early assessment of the remaining fish populations in the Big Thompson River below Estes Park, with some encouraging results from the catch and release section between Watonia bridge upstream to Olympus Dam below Lake Estes.  Further down though, the river’s short-term health is pretty murky and survey work has not been completed. 

With U.S. 34 reopening, the club should be able to see for ourselves what it’s now like from Drake east to Loveland.  Expect to find some serious channelization and stream stabilization, and potential conflicts to come as decisions are made on restoration of the river, one of Colorado’s best known trout waters.

Ben Swigle, this region’s aquatic biologist, described the division’s electroshock survey results on the Big Thompson at the Nov. 20 meeting of Rocky Mountain Flycasters in Fort Collins.  Results in the stream section just below Olympus Dam, which looked dismal immediately after the July 14 flash flood, “show us that the trout population in that area is in good shape,” Ben says.  All year classes for rainbows were found in numbers comparable to previous surveys, and they even found two walleye, presumably washed out of Lake Estes.

Go downstream two miles “and it’s not pretty,” but the fishing should be okay, he says.  Even four miles downstream, division staff shocked enough fish to estimate about 4,000 trout per stream mile, comparable to surveys in 2008.

The handicap pier on the river was destroyed, though.  And go further east around Drake and the extraordinary construction efforts to restore travel on U.S. 34 make the Big Thompson has the river resembling more of an irrigation ditch that a wild river Ben reports.  In the Narrows area just west of Loveland, the once-healthy portion of the river has been temporily channelized.  Around Glade Park, where the state made major habitat improvements in 2009 to help fishing, the surveys identified a substancial decline of the brown trout population with this, section of the river suffering major damage

Monday, October 28, 2013

Fishing booth at the Loveland Harvest Fest

Waiting for the hordes:  The club's fishing booth at Loveland's Harvest Festival drew hundreds of little costumed anglers, "fishing" for prizes.  Photo by George Kral. 

10 years and counting

Okay, posted a little late:  Club Secretary Karol Stroschein got us a great cake to help commemorate LFC's 10th anniversary at the October general meeting.  The upcoming banquet in January will mark the club's official first annual gathering.   

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Good times at Swift Ponds ...

Nine club members took advantage of a day of skeet shooting at Colorado Youth Outdoors' Swift Ponds, and survived to fish again.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Tour Leland's car collection Monday, Sept. 30

Per his invitation at the September club meeting, Leland Haskell has some restored cars "that most folks have never heard of before," and he's inviting club members to have a look at 2 p.m. Monday, Sept. 30.  The address is 3840 S. Garfield Ave., Loveland; phone 970-593-2923.

Directions:  287 South, turn west onto 42nd St SE (County Road 14). Take first right to S Garfield. 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Post-flood fly fishing recommendations

Front Range Anglers has compiled a list of recommended fly fishing waters reasonably close to home, while we're waiting for Front Range flooding to subside.  Here's the link.

Front Range Anglers is a Boulder-based fly fishing store and guide service.  Their choice for fishable waters within a 3-hour radius of Boulder:  the Blue, Fraser, Williams Fork, South St. Vrain and the South Platte Rivers.

  # # #

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Finally! Some good news for NoCo anglers

I for one was disheartened by an aerial video of our Bellevule Watson hatchery at under water last week, but lo and behold!  the hatchery "did survive and has quite a few fish left," reports Clayton Brossart, Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife District Wildlife Manager.  It's good news for flood-weary fishermen for the fall - and holding promise for a reasonable winter ice fishing season.

"They've been trying to empty the hatchery by stocking out ahead of schedule," Clayton says.  "They stocked Boyd, Flatiron and Lon Hagler this week, so the fishing should be good as the water clears up."
Tom Miller also reports that Flatiron and Pinewood have gotten fish since the flood. He also swears he saw trout trying to jump back into the Boyd outlet pipe from Horseshoe Lake.  See his photo below. 

Water from Horseshoe pours into a rapidly filling Boyd Sept. 20, as a couple of anglers try their luck at the Marina Inlet. 

Friday, September 20, 2013

These northern Colorado fishing areas closed

We'll be updating you as circumstances dictate on what's known about area fishing and the outdoors in general.  Horsetooth, Boyd, Carter and others are open, but there are longer, evolving lists of what's closed. The Boulder Canyon and Canyon Lakes ranger districts of the Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests are also closed temporarily, due to saturated soils and the need to facility emergency response.

Even though the water's pretty muddy and getting worse, I'd recommend the Marina and Heinrici inlets at Boyd, where water coming from Horseshoe is creating a current that attracts predator fish. Let us know how you're doing there or elsewhere.  Any word on conditions at Lon Hagler, Boedecker, Lonetree or elsewhere?  Know they're full and muddy; any fish biting?

 I'll be looking for links to agencies providing reports on other areas.  If you want to chime in on others, send me a note.  My thanks to club friend Dennis Smith, author of the Home Waters column, for help identifying closed area.  Bill. 

Here's a partial list of closings as of 10:30 a.m. Friday, Sept. 20.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The latest on the club's most dedicated hunters ...

During Tuesday's club meeting, I noted that we were about to celebrate our 10th anniversary, but some of our founding fathers weren't around to reminisce or enjoy some cake and ice cream:   Two of first presidents were nowhere to be seen, Jim Clune and Norm Englebrecht, and neither was our government affairs chair, Jim Roode.  Here's why:  

Club celebrates 10th year ...

Tom Miller, right, first club president, talks about how we got started...
Tom Boesch, left; Ray Park and Gerry Belko reminisce over cake and ice cream.

Club donates $1,000 to Northern Colorado Donation Center

Club Treasurer Barbara Ding, center, and President Jerry Miles present check to Loveland's new Northern Colorado Donation Center.
The following news release was sent Sept. 18 to the Loveland Reporter-Herald and Fort Collins Coloradoan.
For immediate release

Loveland Fishing Club donating $1,000 to Northern Colorado Donation Center

Sept. 18, 2013 - The Loveland Fishing Club, a group of about 100 anglers affiliated with the Chilson Senior Center, is donating $1,000 to the Northern Colorado Donation Center, set up to facilitate aid to Big Thompson flood victims.

"We were holding our monthly meeting Tuesday, and the idea was met with unanimous approval," says Club President Jerry Miles.  "Some thought we should donate directly to the Red Cross, but we like the way the new center is focused on our community, and that the aid goes for what local disaster relief people feel is needed most.”

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Flooding impact on Big T, Poudre, and area roads

Several club members have asked for a link to the Fort Collins Coloradoan video shown at the Sept. 17 club meeting, showing the impact of flooding along the Big Thompson and Cache la Poudre. Click here to view.

If you're heading somewhere and wondering if you can still get there from here, Google has created a nifty, interactive and regularly updated map showing northern Front Range road closings.  Here's the link.  Click on a portion of the map to enlarge the area you're interested in.  

Thanks again to Senior Derby organizers

·       Derby Chair Ray Park
·       Senior Facility Contacts Norm Engelbrecht and Gene Spiedel
·       Registration of Seniors Richard Radies
·       Advertising Tom Miller and Bill Prater
·       Prizes Janet Miles
·       Food Tom Boesch
·       Poles and Equipment George Kral
·       Chairs Gerry Belko
·       Fish Cleaning Mechael Scheber
·       Signs Bob Roelofsz

Loveland Fishing Club Charter Members (apologies if we missed someone) 

  1. Tom Miller, president
  2. George Kral,  vice president
  3. Dick Bunce, secretary
  4. Bob Roelofsz, treasurer
  5. Bob Peterson
  6. Dottie Bethel
  7. Edie Brown
  8. Dick Bunce
  9. Jim Clune
  10. Lou Colton
  11. Norm Englebrecht
  12. Peter Gibbons
  13. Dave Harem 
  14. Dick Hunsaker
  15. Walt Graul
  16. Skip Kral
  17. Earl Mollohan
  18. Duane Pond
  19. Bob Ray
  20. Shirley Smilley
  21. Bill Thompson
  22. Bob Thorpe
  23. Warren Trock
  24. Dan Valencia
  25. Bernie Wysock
  26. Bill Richie 

Monday, September 16, 2013

Senior Derby and Club tourney at Flatiron CANCELLED

We hate to do this, as dozens of club members have busted themselves getting ready for the third annual derby, and a great turnout was expected.  But the floods got to us.

After inspecting Flatirons Reservoir and the roads into the Larimer County Parks and Open Space property Monday, organizer Ray Park reluctantly decided the senior derby would have to be cancelled.   The club tournament planned for Monday Sept. 23, will also not be held.

Northern Colorado’s natural resources have suffered enormous losses, many of which won’t be apparent for weeks or months.  The Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife hatchery at Laporte, friends who have supported major club events including this week’s derby, was inundated by the Cache la Poudre.  And we know there’s major damage to the new River’s Edge Natural Area in Loveland, which the club had planned to support at a grand opening Sept. 28.  They’re going to have other needs for a long time.

As for the Senior Derby and our disappointed but understanding friends at area assisted living centers, we’ll put together another event  in 2014 that will knock their support hose off.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Senior Fishing Derby set for Sept. 18 at Flatiron. You'll want to help with this one!

The third annual Loveland Senior Fishing Derby is set for 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 18 at Flatiron Reservoir west of Loveland on County Road 18E.
The free event is co-sponsored by the Loveland Fishing Club and Chilson Senior Center, aided by the Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife, which will be stocking the lake with trout to help ensure the day’s success.  We need lots of volunteer help to ensure a great day for these elderly anglers, so be sure to add your name to Ray Park's signup sheet at breakfast or the Sept. 17 club meeting. This is quickly become one of the year's highlights.
Residents of all assisted living centers in the city have been invited to participate, and the club is covering the cost of their fishing license. Chilsen Senior Center is also signing up participants.

Volunteers needed for Chilson' Harvest Bazaar

The Harvest Bazaar at Chilson, an annual fund-raising event for the Chilson Senior Advisory Committee, will be held from 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Friday, Sept. 20.
The Loveland Fishing Club is traditionally a major supporter, and volunteers are needed to help with meal prep, cleanup and other activities.  See the signup sheet at breakfast and at the Tuesday, Sept. 17 club meeting for details.  

To see the Bazaar flyer, click here.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Catfishing at night!

Okay, not the most popular sport at Boyd Lake:  the six club members who showed up Tuesday night had the usually busy lake to themselves, soon after dusk.  But it was a great night to be on the water, cool and dead calm, great for float tubing, if not for harvest.  Jim Roode, shown here in his new pontoon boat, took home a fat 18-inch channel cat that fell victim to a nightcrawler crawling along the bottom.  "There are some big fish in this lake," says Jim, ready to try it again.    Photo by Bill Prater

Monday, August 26, 2013

Volunteers needed to teach young Boyd Lake campers Saturday morning

The Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife will hold its final clinic for young campers Saturday, Aug. 31 at Boyd Lake, and needs two-three volunteers to help work with the kids.

Meet at the state park office at 8:30; a casting clinic for youngsters (accompanied by a parent) runs from 9 a.m. to noon.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Mark your calendar! Major events in September!

REPOSTING TO ADD KEY DATES.  This is one great wrapup for the 2013 summer season!  More details to come.  For now, plan on these club activities in September:

  • Board meeting:  9 a.m. Monday, Sept. 9, at Chilsen Center.  Postponed a week because of Labor Day.
  • General meeting, 2 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 17, Chilsen.  A special meeting marking the 10th anniversary of the club's founding!
  • 3rd Annual Loveland Fishing Club Senior Fishing Derby, Flatiron Reservoir, Wednesday, Sept. 18.  We're upping the ante with even more assisted living centers invited to participate, along with an open invitation to seniors at Chilsen Center.  This is our chance to bring a unique fishing opportunity to Loveland seniors the way we hope someone does for us one of these days.
  • Annual Club Tournament, also at Flatiron, 9 a.m. to noon, Friday, Sept. 20.  The Division of Wildlife will be stocking the lake with catchable trout just before our Senior Fishing Derby, and we're planning to catch whatever's left.  Norm Englebrecht, last year's big winner, is responsible for the free picnic lunch that follows the competition.  (Okay, he's responsible for cooking the hot dogs)
  • Grand Opening, River's Edge Natural Area, 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 28.  The club will be helping the Division of Wildlife with kids' fishing, and in return we get an early crack at fishing the three ponds!  7:30 a.m. to 10 a.m.  Details to come.  
October follows quickly.  Check the club calendar for the fishing schedule; Lou has a major campout planned at Dowdy Lake Oct. 1-4th.

Get out your stinkbaits! Time to go catfishing

What else would you be doing on a hot August night?  Join Jim Roode and Bill Prater for an evening of catfishing at Boyd Lake on Tuesday, Aug. 27.  Whether you join them in a float tube or fish from the bank or a boat, this should be a good evening on the water.

We'll be meeting at the marina bay boat ramp around 7 p.m. and fish until we exhaust our worms or our patience.  At least two other club members are planning to bank fish near the ramp, and be available in case one of us springs a leak.  Don't forget the West Nile mosquito threat; wear long sleeves and bring lots of repellent.

If you need a lift into the park to avoid the entrance fee, come by Bill's by 6:30; 1915 Pikes Peak Drive, just south of East 37th Street near the park.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

10th annual picnic a smoking success

More than 120 folks - club members, spouses and a few other special guests - turned out for the Aug. 20 picnic at Loveland's Railroad Park.  John Gwinnup and crew manned the grills, Tom and Sheila Miller brought in sweet corn fresh from their garden, and everyone chipped in with something special to eat.
Photos by George Kraal.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Meet your new treasurer - Barbara Ding

Barbara has picked up treasurer duties from Charlie Higgs, who's recovering from some health issues.
Say hello when you see her!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Water's getting pretty low at Jackson Lake

Colorado Parks and Wildlife is informing boaters that the water level at Jackson Lake State Park east of Jackson has dropped to a level that makes it difficult for larger vessels to launch. Water levels at the end of the boat ramp are currently at a mere two and a half feet.

The water stored in Jackson Lake is for irrigation of crops. The drawdown of the reservoir is the result of area farmers need for the water. Around Nov. 1, water should begin to flow into the reservoir again.

Smaller vessels such as small aluminum fishing boats and jet skis can still launch at Jackson Lake State Park. However, larger vessels with a deep hull or a trailer that sits high above the ground will have difficulty or be unable to launch. Hand launched craft such as canoes and kayaks will be allowed until the water level drops to a level that Park personnel cannot launch rescue craft onto the water.

Inspections for aquatic nuisance species are still in effect until the reservoir closes to boating. Hours for the station have changed effective Aug. 12. The new hours will be 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday and 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

All other activities remain open. Visitors can enjoy camping, fishing, an OHV track, bird watching and interpretive programs. For the most current conditions, please call 970-645-2551 or email dnr_jackson.lake@state.cous or find us on Facebook.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Club outing to Swift Ponds Thursday, Aug. 15

Our friends with Colorado Youth Outdoors have invited us to fish again at Swift Ponds north of Windsor, from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Thursday, Aug. 15.

Fishing is catch and release only; barbless hooks recommended.  You're free to fish at any pond on the facility; in the past we've kinda scattered all over the place.  Fishing can be very good, especially for largemouth bass.

The facility has restrooms and a drinking fountain, but you might want to bring drinks and a picnic lunch.  Thanks to Dave Boyle for making the arrangements.

Annual picnic is Tuesday, Aug. 20

This year's picnic will be at the covered picnic area at Old Fairground Park; your spouse or significant other is welcome. We need to get a headcount to make sure we have enough food for everyone, so if you didn't already sign up at Friday breakfast, please let George Kral, know you're coming.

Steak, chicken, corn and other good things will be served beginning at 5:30 p.m., but you're welcome to come from 3:30 on. Bring your own knife and fork. Tom Boesch is in overall charge of the event; John Gwinnup is lining up volunteers to bring in their grills to cook the meat, and Tom Miller is again providing everyone with fresh-picked corn from his garden.

Also, please bring a dessert, hot dish or salad, enough to serve 5 people. If you're last name begins with A-G, please bring dessert; H-O, a hot dish; and P-Z, a salad.  The club will provide the rest.  We'll be under the group pavilion.  Note the picnic is in lieu of our usual monthly meeting at Chilson Center.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Little girls and fishing

 The club had another great time with Loveland Girl Scouts on Tuesday, July 16 and Wednesday, July 17, at their annual Jamboree at Lon Hagler.  We hosted more about 120 girls, demonstrating techniques where needed and generally enjoying the giggles and occasional fish

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Photo highlights from the 2013 Loveland Fishing Club Derby

Thanks to all our volunteers and sponsors who made the derby a great success!  Feel free to download or print any photos from this collection.  Here's the link.

Reporter-Herald video on 2013 Loveland Kids Fishing Derby!

An interview with Larry Carlson and Keith Gentry

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Great time at Swift Ponds

About two dozen of Loveland's finest anglers had a productive day of catch-and-release fishing at Swift Ponds Thursday, May 16, courtesy of our friends with Colorado Youth Outdoors.

Most of the bass caught weren't great, but they were plentiful, and some handsome bluegill went for an artificial snack.

CYO will also be joining the club for the June 1 Loveland Kids Fishing Derby, and will be our host again in July for the annual Girl Scouts outing at Swift.
Last catch of the day.  Merle Gordon kept pestering this 17 1/4" smallmouth until  it took a bite of his  grub on  his last cast of the afternoon.  

Boyd Lake needing help with fishing clinics this summer

If you have a few hours to spare on a Saturday morning this summer, consider helping Colorado Parks and Wildlife with a fishing clinic for young campers.
Hours are 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. (meet at the Boyd Lake Visitors Center at 8:30 a.m.)
Fishing gear will be provided; participants must be 18 or younger and accompanied by an adult.  They'd like two or three club members to help the team lead.
Here are the dates:
May 25
June 8 (a Jax-sponsored Boat Day at the lake)
June 22
July 3
Sunday, July 25, Adventure Day Camp
Aug. 31

Monday, April 29, 2013

Dang! I was gonna go fishing with Jim and Charlie...

"Here's the plan," said Jim Roode:  We wait until ice out at Delaney Buttes, and fish from the bank into the open water.  Big fish."

All of us had Jim's invitation to go to the lake north of Walden, but only Charlie Higgs took him up on the offer.  "You missed a good one," Jim said, upon his return. "That cut bow (see below) was 23" and I also returned a bigger brown that took over 5 minutes to land on 2lb test line. The fish was exhausted and needed to be returned immediately. He was a couple of inches longer measured next to the rod and twice as heavy as that cutbow. I caught 5 more from 10 to 18" in two half days of fishing and Charlie caught more than twice that many. It was a good trip."

Colorado launches new Fishing Atlas for anglers

DENVER - Whether you’re a seasoned angler or you’ve never picked up a rod, finding a place to fish in Colorado has never been easier! Colorado Parks and Wildlife has launched several new tools for anglers ready to enjoy everything Colorado fishing has to offer. 

The Colorado Fishing Atlas, the latest interactive mapping tool offered by Colorado Parks and Wildlife, allows users to search for fishing opportunities by species, specific interest or proximity to your home or destination. Use the simple map interface to locate and view recommended opportunities for the family, remote fly fishing or ice fishing. Additional information such as handicap accessible fishing access, stocked waters, boat ramps, special fishing regulations, stream gauges, license agents and Gold Medal waters is included overlaid on top of Bing™ street maps, USGS topographic maps or high-resolution color aerial photography. The Colorado Fishing Atlas also includes a printable Fishing Resource Report that provides nearby state and federal management agency offices, emergency facilities, campgrounds and fishing license agents. The Colorado Fishing Atlas can be found online through the fishing page on Colorado Parks and Wildlife website at New users of the Colorado Fishing Atlas can also watch short video tutorials that explain the system.

In addition to the new interactive Colorado Fishing Atlas, Colorado anglers can now share tips, share recipes, get the latest conditions, find a fishing buddy, find a fishing clinic, ask questions, or post pictures of their latest catch on the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Fishing page on Facebook. Facebook users can find and "like" the new page by searching for "CPW Fishing" or by going to

If Twitter is your social media platform of choice, Colorado Parks and Wildlife (@COParksWildlife) has launched a Twitter feed for anglers. Follow the fish on Twitter @CPWFish.


Monday, April 15, 2013

Volunteer for Colorado Youth Outdoors fund-raiser

The May 3 "Maverick Sporting Clays Shoot," CYO's annual fund-raiser at Sylvan Ranch, supported by Loveland Fishing Club volunteers for years, is three weeks away and they need some help with Station Masters and Hosts and other positions.  
The Maverick Shoot is attended by former pro athletes, local business leaders and shooting sports professionals so you never know who you may meet!  
Sign up at Tuesday's General Meeting at Chilsen.  For more information, e-mail or call Brad Wright, 970-663-0800, and identify yourself as a club member.  

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Using Google Earth to catch more fish! 

 Okay, some of you fish more in a week than I do in a month. And the fish I pulled out of the ice this winter all came from my freezer.  But I’ll bet I AM generally cleverer than most of the club when it comes to scouting and fishing new water.  And I’ll show you how and why:  by taking advantage of new internet technology – especially Google Earth, Bing Maps, another web tool called Angling Technologies that costs a little, and some related new Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife software.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Nice article on dropshotting

We've no doubt had a setback with the past week's snow and icy cold weather, but hey, it's warming up some and the bass should be starting to get active.  I'll be looking for them with a lipless crank bait, and maybe a football jig, but you should also be testing the water with a drop shot.  For the water around here, particular the gravel ponds that warm up first, it's a good technique right on through the spawn.  Not real complicated, just requires you to learn to tie a Palomar knot, and exercise a little patience and imagination.

Having said that, you might want to look over this article on the Tackle Warehouse website; they're trying to sell you stuff, but it's a pretty non-commercial discussion of how to go about dropping your worm right where you think they're hiding.  Bill

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Club conducting tour of area fishing spots

Past President Tom Miller will be leading a tour of Loveland area fishing spots on Friday, March 29.

Tom says the plan will be to visit southern Larimer County ponds and lakes - Pinewood, Carter, Jay Hawk and the Lon Hagler, Simpson and Big Thompson State Wildlife Areas.

The tour will began after Friday morning's breakfast at the Loveland Perkins, 9 a.m. or so.  It's intended to acquaint new members with these fishing spots, but all members are welcome.  We'll carpool.  No need for registration, but if you'd like to talk to Tom about it, contact him at 970-669-3583.

At Pinewood, a Loveland Fishing Club grant and volunteer work helped Larimer County make major improvements to shoreline access to the popular trout-fishing lake.  The club installed a belly boat launch at Jay Hawk, and funded and help install fish feeders there in 2011.  The club has also pledged financial and volunteer support for proposed improvements at Lon Hagler. 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Stream anglers: info on water levels

If you're not using it yet, you may find the Colorado Division of Wildlife's stream flow information useful before you head up and find your river's gone dry.  You just go to this Colorado Division of Water Resources website and look for the monitoring site you want, such as this one for the Cache La Poudre at Fort Collins.  With a few clicks of the button you can learn current flows and compare it to historic levels. If you do it right now, it's kind of depressing.  Bill
Graph of  Gage height, feet

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Catch a big one? Be a Master Angler

            Exhausted from washing all the dishes?  Embarrassed from losing every basketball game with your granddaughter?  Well, if you can’t be Master of the House, you can be a Master Angler.
Merle Boden, who earned a Colorado Master Angler patch and certificate from the Colorado Division of Wildlife for an 18 /12 inch largemouth, urges other club members to be aware of and take advantage of the program.
            Like the Club’s new Monthly Tournament, the Master Angler program The Master Angler Recognition Program is designed to recognize anglers for success in their sport, as well as to promote the conservation of fishery resources and quality fishing .  It also encourages the careful release of trophy-size popular sport species by awarding certificates in two categories:  fish caught and released, and fish caught and kept.  So you can measure the fish and return it to the water alive if you choose to do so. 

Here’s a link to the DOW website with information on qualifying size and how to submit an application.  Fish you catch during the tournament can qualify:  like the tournament, the DOW requires a witness.  You also need to submit a clear photograph – which we’d also like to see to post on this blog.  If you have questions, contact Merle, who pulled his Master Angler-winning largemouth from a hole in the top of Lone Tree Reservoir while ice fishing in February.   categories: fish caught and released, and fish caught and kept. details.) This allows anglers to measure fish and return them to the water alive if they choose to do so.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Boyd's open for boating

Boyd Lake opened for boating on Sunday, March 17; I (and a couple other optimists) took the boat out for a few hours that afternoon to test the waters, which are still pretty cold, about 38 degrees. 

Inspections are still required; current hours are 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.

North Sterling State Park has also opened to boating, about a month earlier than scheduled.  The Division of Wildlife says they've begun "aggressive stocking" and fishing should pick up as water temperatures rise."  That may be a bit optimistic:  last summer's water drawdowns for irrigation was expected to lead to a total fish kill.  That didn't happen last year, but losses were set at more than 75 percent.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Miller honored for volunteer service by RSVP

Tom Miller, who helped found the Loveland Fishing Club a decade ago and served as its first president, was honored Tuesday, March 12, with the RSVP Senior Corps’ “Lead with Experience” Service Award.

RSVP noted Tom “continues to redefine the way seniors contribute to the quality of outdoor recreation in northern Colorado. “  As noted in his nomination by Club Vice President Bill Prater, Tom’s “in-depth knowledge of public policy and fishing and hunting continue to pay remarkable benefits for seniors, youngsters and other residents of Larimer County. “

Joining in support of Tom’s award were staff of Colorado Parks and Wildlife, Larimer Parks and Open Lands and Chilson Senior Center, along with club members.  LFC’s Walt Graul and Jim Roode both praised Tom’s leadership in pushing to save county-owned properties along the Big Thompson River, and involvement with Larimer County Parks Advisory Board.
In creating the Loveland Fishing Club in September, 2003, Tom helped forge a strong relationship with Chilson Senior Center and Loveland Parks and Recreation Foundation, and has since been a consistent leader in initiatives with the Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife, Colorado Youth Outdoors fishing programs at Swift Ponds, and Loveland Police, our teammate in the annual Loveland Kids Fishing Derby.  
Tom accepts congratulations from other nominees for the TSVP Lead with Leadership Service Award at the Loveland Museum and Gallery.