Monday, June 27, 2016

Carp Fest is 5 p.m. Tuesday, Boyd Lake

Okay, I have acquired a can of sweet corn, some Berkley Gulf fake sweet corn, and a jar of Uncle John's strawberry and oats carp bait, so be prepared to be beaten Tuesday evening or to beg me for a few kernels.

Let's meet at the inlet between Heinricy and Boyd - at the entrance, turn right and go past the campground to the small parking lot.  Jim Roode swears this is the hot spot for carp, and I saw some there myself over the weekend.  The lake is high and we can easily fish the inlet from a lawn chair.  We can also migrate over to the Heinricy side once we spook the big ones in the inlet.

I recommend long pants and mosquito repellent.  First prize:  whomever catches the biggest gets to also keep my carp!  See you there.  Bill

Monday, June 20, 2016

Boyd Lake Carpfest! Possible Carpfeast to follow

Okay, the cool gang will be meeting at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday June 28, at Boyd Lake Marina inlet for a evening of hot carp fishing.  This is a change from the initial plan for River's Edge discussed on the club's Facebook page.  
This discussion began this week when Dennis Kelsey pondered, "You know, the club may be missing out on some really good fishing. None of us deliberately fishes for Carp..." 

He's right, of course, and it's been a half century or more since most of us tossed dough balls or canned corn into a muddy pond searching for a big old carp.  Time to pull out the old Zebco.  I understand techniques have changed a bit since then, so if anyone has suggestions, they'd be welcome. I for one will start with one pole intended for carp, another for channel cat.  Be there or be left behind.